Woww! Mila Kunis reveals her wedding ring costs $90(Photo)

Contrary to what is obtainable in Hollywood, Mila Kunis and Ashton
Kutcher didn’t break the bank when buying their wedding bands.When on
Conan Wednesday evening, the 32-year-old pregnant star revealed she
purchased the rings online and she got them cheap.

‘My husband and I got married … and he got me a beautiful engagement
ring. Like, stunning, stunning, stunning, ‘But for our wedding bands,
for when we got married, I decided to just get them off of Etsy. And so
our wedding bands are from Etsy.’

Mila was looking for ‘the thinnest possible platinum band’ but they all were so pricey, she said.

‘So, I went on Etsy(a vintage website) and it was like $90 and I was like “buy now,”‘

The host then said that she was a bit ‘frugal.’

“That’s a nice way of saying cheap,’ Kunis joked.’Ashton’s is a hundred
dollars, so technically his wedding band was a little more
expensive,’she said

 The pair wed on the 4th of July in 2015.

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