World’s unluckiest man’ survives meningitis, heart attack & cancer then wife DUMPS him

A dad who suffered four years of serious health problems thought things could not get any worse – until his wife left him.
Martial arts expert Oliver Pugh battled meningitis , MRSA, a heart
attack and cancer that sparked ­temporary ­paralysis,Mirror UK reports.
The 26-year-old also lost half his thumb in an industrial ­accident.He said:

“I was definitely the ­world’s unluckiest man.”

His wife Grace walked out as he had his heart attack last year.
Oliver, who has two children, Millie, four, and two-year-old Monroe,
got the all-clear from his tumour in January and has now set up a bar in
his home town of Buxton, Derbys.He is focusing on a bright future.

 When you think you are going to die you don’t have time to question things, you have nothing to lose.”

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