The New York Post releases another racy photo of Melania Trump

The New York Post has published another old nude photo of
Melania Trump, taken three years before she met her husband, the
Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

The lesbian-themed pics are from a two-day photo shoot in Manhattan in
1995, when Melania Knauss, as she was called, was 25 years old and
modeling under the name “Melania K.”
Several were featured in Max Magazine.

The raciest of the photos shows Melania lying nude in a bed as
Scandinavian model Emma Eriksson, also naked, embraces her from behind,
just below her breasts, which are fully exposed.

In another photo, Eriksson wears sheer stockings, a low-cut bustier,
high heels and a long robe — all designed by John Galliano — and raises a
whip as if preparing to spank Melania, who pretends to recoil. Melania
is more conservatively dressed in a skin-tight gown and high heels.
“I always loved women together, because I have been with a lot of women
who desired the ménage à trois,” said Jarl Ale de Basseville, the French
fashion photographer who snapped the pictures.
“This is beauty and not porn. I am always shocked by the porn industry
because they are destroying the emotion and the essence of purity and
The shoot took place in a Chelsea apartment that doubled as a photo
studio, said de Basseville, a Paris artist and fashion photographer who
was briefly based in New York in the mid-’90s.

Source: The New York Post

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