Taylor Swift has no legal case against Kanye West for recording their conversation

It looks like Taylor Swift won’t be able to sue Kanye West anytime soon,
due to the laws in California.

After Kim Kardashian leaked the secret recording between Taylor and her
husband Kanye West on Sunday night where Taylor agreed to the
controversial “Famous” lyrics.
Taylor Swift reacted by saying that her character assassinated by the Wests and that she was going to sue them.

However, according to TMZ:

“Here’s the problem … in California, if someone records a “confidential
communication” and the other party to the conversation doesn’t know it’s
being taped, it’s a crime. But “confidential communication” does not
include conversations that “may be overheard.” We’ve heard the full tape
… and Taylor knew she was overheard. The conversation from Kanye’s end
was on speaker phone, and during the call producer Rick Rubin speaks up
several times. Members of the crew filming Kanye on the call also speak
in the room. There’s no doubt listening to the full tape … Taylor knew
she was being overheard. As a result, it’s pretty clear … Kanye didn’t
violate the law by recording it.

So because there were other people in the room, she has no case that she was secretly recorded. End of case.

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