Sad!!! Beautiful girl dies a day after ‘Monster jeep’ drops her off (Photos)

According to Chuzzyblog who shared the story:  “This cute lady Adaeze
Nnamani pictured above was a student of UNICAL, Diploma year 2. She died
on Monday morning after vomiting blood for a long time.

A source who is a close friend to Adaeze and her family said Ada went to
a party on Sunday evening and came back late that same night, alighting
from a “Monster Jeep” (the Jeep is dope) with so much goodies in her
hands. But unfortunately, in the early hours of Monday, she started
vomiting blood profusely. Before they could rush her the hospital, Ada
was gone!

Adaeze was buried today, 3rd, August 2016 at her home town Enugu.

This is such a sad story and a lesson to all. May her soul rest in PEACE!!!” She said.

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