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Imagine your mum left your dad when you were just 8 months old because He had no money. Your dad remarried a lady because He needed someone who will take care of you. So when u grew up, due to the financial state of the house, your step mum sold her wrappers so that she could sponsor your education. And luckily you
graduated as a medical doctor, owned ur hospital. One day due to your good treatments, your hospital have been crowded with patients, all the sick bed has been occupied by people, leaving only a single bed. And an emergency occurred due to an accident which your real mum and ur step mum was involved and both was brought to ur hospital. who will u admit? Your biological mum/ Or
your step mum…..??(The situation permits you to choose just one.).

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  1. Anonymous

    June 22, 2015 at 9:15 am

    Step mother on d bed, mother on d floor

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