Queen Elizabeth finally discloses her opinion on Brexit

The Queen has called for “quiet thinking and contemplation” in her first public address since the EU referendum.
During a speech at the opening of the fifth session of the Scottish Parliament, the monarch acknowledged an “increasingly complex and demanding world” in which “events and developments can and do take place at remarkable speed”.

She recognised that “retaining the ability to stay calm and collected can at times be hard,” but insisted the importance of “hope and optimism”, adding that the new session of Scottish Parliament was bringing with it “a real sense of renewal”.

“One hallmark of leadership in such a fast-moving world is allowing sufficient room for quiet thinking and contemplation which can enable deeper cooler consideration of how challenges and opportunities can be best addressed,” she added.

While the Queen did not allude directly to the EU referendum result, her words have been widely viewed as an apolitical reference to Brexit and the political changes in Britain.

In response to Her Majesty’s speech, Ms Sturgeon said Scotland “should play our part in a stronger Europe and a better world”, during a highly political address to the Scottish parliament.

The Brexit vote has ignited calls for a new referendum on Scottish independence after 62% of Scottish voters were in favour of remaining in the EU.


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