Photos: Saudi Interior Ministry names Madinah, Qatif suicide bombers

Saudi Arabia said a suicide bomber who attacked the Prophet’s Mosque in
the city of Madinah on Monday was a 26-year-old Saudi citizen with a
history of drug abuse. The ministry said 26-year-old Nayer Musallam
Hammad Al Nijeidi Al Bluwi, a Saudi, carried out Monday’s attack, adding
that he had a history of drug abuse, the state news agency SPA quoted
an interior ministry spokesman as saying.

The security spokesman named the four security men in the Madinah
suicide bombing in the vicinity of the Prophet’s Mosque as privates
Muhammad Bin Mutad Hilal Al Muwallad, Hani Bin Salim Saleem Al Subhi,
Abdulmajeed Bin Abdullah Owdah Al Harbi and Abdulrahman Bin Naji Saleem
Al Jihani.

The perpetrators of the terrorist blast in Qatif were identified as
Abdulrahman Saleh Muhammad Al Imir, 23, who was detained in 2013 for
participating in riots calling for the release of detainees being held
for their involvement in terror cases.

The second terrorist was identified as Ibrahim Saleh Muhammad Al Imir,
20 and the third was identified as Abdulkareem Ibrahim Muhammad Al
Hasani, 20. All the three have not obtained Saudi national identity

Twelve Pakistanis and seven Saudis have been detained in relation to
attacks that day. The statement also named three individuals it said
carried out attacks on Monday in Qatif. It said none of them had
obtained Saudi IDs. Saudi Gazette

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