Photo of priest forced to kneel before being murdered by ISIS knifemen in France

The ISIS terrorists
who carried out the France church attack forced an elderly parish
priest to kneel before filming themselves slitting his throat, it has
Father Jacques Hamel, 84, was made to get to his knees
before he was brutally butchered at the Church of the Gambetta in
Normandy today, says a nun who escaped the attack.
His two
murderers – one of who has been named by sources as Adel Kermich –
captured the slaying on a mobile phone, according to Sister Danielle,
who was one of several worshippers taken hostage during morning mass.

then performed a ‘sermon’ around the altar in Arabic – as armed cops
rushed to the scene and terrified members of the congregation fled for
their lives.
Before his death, Father Hamel courageously tried to
defend his parishioners, says the distraught nun, who raised the alarm
after fleeing the church.

“They [the terrorists] forced him to
kneel and he tried to defend himself and that is how the drama started,”
she told RMC radio this afternoon.

Speaking to BFM TV, she added that the two men ‘recorded themselves’
carrying out the murder and did ‘a sort of sermon around the altar in
“It’s a horror,” she said of the attack, which ended in
the knifemen being shot dead by police after running out of the church
shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Describing the gruesome attack, the nun said:

“Everyone was saying,
‘Just stop, you don’t understand what you are doing.’ But it had no
effect.They forced us to get on our knees and he [Father Hamel] wanted
to defend us. That’s when the violence started.Me, I realised the moment
he started attacking Jacques, when he put him on his knees and almost
made him fall over.

was then that I was able to escape. I got out quickly. They were busy
attacking him with the knife, so they didn’t see me leaving.
“Everybody screamed. They recorded what they were doing. It was like a prayer, a sermon at the altar in Arabic.”

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