Ouch! Johnny Depp brands Amber Heard ‘scum’ as he alters his tattoo tribute to her

Johnny Depp has made a public dig at estranged wife, Amber Heard, branding her “scum”. Last year, Johnny inked his knuckles with Amber’s nickname “Slim” shortly after the pair walked down the aisle.
According to UK Mirror ,in the last week, the actor has altered his tattoo to make his feelings about Amber crystal clear.
He changed the ‘L’ to a ‘C and the ‘I’ to a ‘U’ – meaning that his tattoo now spells out the word ‘SCUM’.
It’s not the first time Johnny has been forced to alter a tattoo following a breakup.
During his relationship with actress Winona Ryder , the star inked “WinonaForever” on his body.When the pair’s romance came to an end, he altered the tattoo, which now reads: “WinoForever.”.

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