OAP Gbemi recounts how she was bounced at Lagos Lounge that doesn’t let “unescorted ladies” in..the lounge responds!

Beat FM OAP and entrepreneur Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi shared the experience herself and a friend had at the entrance of a popular lounge in Lekki, Lagos, yesterday. According to her, they were both ‘politely’ refused entry by the bouncer, who stated that “no unescorted ladies” were to be allowed in and this was a directive from the management. Although her friend was shocked, they later left and went to hang out somewhere.However, the management of Lounge, Sailors, took to their twitter account to apologize and explain themselves. According to them, their policy only disallows “both ladies and men who aren’t dressed properly,” and even guys who come with their “pants below their waist” or bathroom slippers, are refused entry.

The Lounge also stated that if any woman and man was dressed properly and turned back, then it was the fault of their overzealous bouncer.

Some Nigerians on twitter have since reacted to the story, with people claiming that the lounge is known for bouncing ‘ladies’.

See more of Gbemi tweets, apologies from the lounge and reactions from some tweeter users below…

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