Muhammad Ali’s son dumps wife & children after getting his inheritance

Muhammad Ali’s son has dumped his wife and two children after inheriting his part of his late father’s fortune, a report suggests.
Just over a month after the The Greatest’s death, Muhammad Ali Jr. is believed to have moved out of his family home in Chicago’s South Side to a more affluent part of the city.

He was woefully neglected by his absentee father as a child, and badly bullied by boys who wanted to prove they could beat up the champion’s son

Sources told Radar Online he wanted to move into a better neighborhood after getting the money. Children of the boxing hero, who died on June 3, met in California to discus how to divide his estate.

When Ali Jr. returned, those close to them said he had suddenly come into money.

For the last ten years, he and his family – wife Shaakira and children, Ameera, eight, and Shakera, seven have been relying on food stamps and handouts.

He had been estranged from his sporting legend father for a number of years. The insiders say he is moving close to Midway Airport.They have also hinted that his wife and children won’t completely miss out.

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