Man repeatedly vandalizes grave of acquaintance due to a 56 year old grudge

It’s often said that forgiveness frees the soul, but this doesn’t apparently apply to 69 year old, Paul E. Donovan Jr., from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Donovan has repeatedly vandalized the grave of the man he claims stole $300 from him over 50 years ago. The defacing of the headstone began in the spring of 2014 and involved the use of spray paint, though he did once cover the marker with a dark, tar-like substance.
This kept going on for 2 years then the authorities decided to set up hidden cameras to catch the vandal.

According to the official police complaint, after being caught, Donovan said he was willing to,
“pay back any restitution minus the $300 that was stolen from him by the dead man 56 years ago.”

On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to the offenses in court. He was ordered to pay the family and  placed on a 2-year probation.

Source: AOL.COM

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