Lol…Social media users are amazed by Ciara’s HUGE feet (pic)

It seems Ciara Wilson has what us Nigerians call ‘daddy leg’. Lol
is for this reason that some users on Twitter are very fascinated by
her larger than average feet. Judging from these photos from the Seattle
Seahawks’ training camp, both Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara,
appear to wear the same shoe size.

According to Nike, Russell Wilson wears a size 13 sneaker. His hands measure about 10.25 inches.

on the ruler above, Ciara’s shoe size measures about a 1/4 inch less
than Wilson’s. That means her estimated shoe size is a whopping 12 3/4
inches in men’s shoe size, i.e 45 and a half.

According estimates, the average height for American women is 5ft,
4in. Ciara is 5 feet 7 inches tall, which may explain why her shoe size
is so big.

With feet that big, if you anger her and she
retaliates by stomping on your feet, na ijaw bone setters sure pass.

So ladies, what’s your shoe size?

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