Lmao! See how GtBank director trailer jammed writer Elnathan John with epic clapback

Award winning writer and novelist Elnathan John got a clap back of life today that has left him angry and confused. Lol

So what happened? A GtBank director, Andrew Alli retired today, 1st of July and he joyfully announced this milestone on Twitter.

However, he didn’t reckon that a dissatisfied customer, namely ElNathan John was lurking around the corner.

Elnathan quoted Mr Alli and gave him some candid words on what he thinks of GtBank and their services.

Hm, Mr Andrew did not like what ElNathan wrote, at all at all!!! So he replied with an epic clapback that left ElNathan John fuming and embarassed. Lmao!! See the tweet below plus what people are thinking!!

Trust me, it had me in stitches


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