Iggy Azalea Reportedly Hit With $661,000 In Unpaid Taxes

Iggy Azalea has been hit with another massive bill for unpaid taxes – meaning she could owe the IRS as much as US $661,000.

The Australian singer has been slammed with a US $269,980 bill for unpaid federal taxes from her earnings in the U.S. dating back from 2015, according to TMZ.
It comes just three months after the rapper whose net Worth is $10 million hit the headlines when she was slapped with a $391,056.55 lien for unpaid taxes from 2014.
When the news of her debt problems first emerged, Iggy claimed the reports were ‘exaggerated’.
In a tweet to a fan, she wrote: ‘They exaggerate everything. The IRS gave the option to pay them monthly or lump sum. I picked monthly, who wouldn’t?’

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