Hillary and her devious DNC disciples cant be trusted if they can stab a good man like Bernie in the back- Piers Morgan

This is a post by Piers Morgan for Daily Mail Online, about US
Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the
leaked emails by WikiLeaks which revealed that the DNC chairman rigged
the primaries, called African Americans racist names, questioned Bernie
Sanders’ faith and the ongoing Democratic National Convention which
started on Monday. He wrote:

The narrative of this presidential race has been set in stone for
several years: Hillary Clinton WILL be the next President of the United

This has been the widely held, inherently-understood belief amongst all
the ‘smart’ political, media and celebrity elite in Washington, New York
and Hollywood.

Oh sure, there will still have to be a contest of some sort.

But Hillary’s victory in this election is, to them,
the biggest nailed down in-the-bag certainty since the Warriors went 3-1
up in the recent NBA Finals and Stephen Curry’s name was being slowly
engraved on the MVP trophy.


Wait a moment.

Hold those horses.

Or, as Goldfinger used to say to 007: ‘Not so fast, Mr Bond…’

We all remember what happened at the NBA Finals; LeBron James suddenly
morphed into Superman to wrestle back a 4-3 win for the Cavs and snatch
the MVP title for himself from a distraught Curry.

Proof, not that any was really needed, that there really is no such
thing as a certainty in either sport or politics.

Particularly when you have an opponent bursting with self-confidence who
defies the conventional rules of engagement and simply refuses to bow
down even in the face of apparently inevitable defeat.

Like LeBron James, and in his own way, Donald Trump. 

As Trump moves ahead of Hillary in the polls for the first time,
enjoying the traditional post-convention bounce, I am smelling a similar
dramatic upset at the general election in November and if my nostrils
are correct, then Hillary will have only herself to blame.

The shocking sense of entitlement that pervades from every pore of this
Democrat nominee and her supporters is almost overwhelming.

Nowhere has this been more lamentably confirmed than in the sudden
avalanche of 20,000 emails revealed by Wikileaks late last week, which
laid bare a distinctly unpleasant Clinton-ite underbelly to the

Hillary’s Democratic National Committee wild attack dogs, led by chair
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, went after her rival Bernie Sanders like they
were hunting down an elderly buffalo in the prairies of South Africa.

Nothing was off limits, not even his personal religious faith.

‘Does he believe in a god,’ wrote one staffer, the DNC’s chief financial
officer Brad Marshall. ‘He had skated on saying he has a Jewish

‘I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points
difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big
difference between a Jew and an atheist.’

The chief executive of the DNC, Amy Dacey, replied with one word:

Another staffer, national communications director Luis Miranda,
regularly exchanged emails with reporters directly briefing against

Isn’t this just utterly disgraceful? 

These DNC staffers are supposed to be candidate neutral.

But such was their obsession with the presumed ‘Hillary Will Be
President’ premise, they couldn’t stop themselves chewing up and
smearing a brave, decent, inspiring 75-year-old man who at the very
least surely deserved a fair fight within his own party. 

I interviewed Debbie Wasserman Schultz many times during my tenure at
CNN. She was always a good guest, forcefully presenting her opinion and
arguing strongly with other pundits of a different political persuasion.

But there was a certain zealotry to her work, particularly when it came
to defending Hillary Clinton.

I got the firm impression she would do literally anything to ensure a
Clinton win in 2016.

And indeed, it turns out she did, even if by doing so she has now
wrecked her career and dragged both the DNC and Clinton herself by
association into serious disrepute. 

Even worse, it will almost certainly cost Hillary much-needed votes from
Bernie supporters who made their fury felt today by loudly booing when
he called for them to back the nominee.

This latest email scandal couldn’t come at a worse time for Hillary, as
the Democratic National Convention starts in Philadelphia.

The problem is that she’s still desperately trying to run on a ‘Trust’

Trump’s a very bad guy who can’t be trusted, she keeps reminding us.

Only she can be trusted with serious stuff like the nuclear button, she

Only she has the experience required to occupy the White House.


But for this stance to be effective, Hillary herself has to be viewed as
more trustworthy than Trump and the latest CNN poll published today
shows she isn’t.

It revealed that only 3 out of 10 Americans find her ‘honest and
trustworthy’, a staggeringly low number for a woman who wants us to
believe she’s the Trust candidate.

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