HILARIOUS! Twitter NG Shares #1000NigerianWaysToDie

There is never a dull moment in the Twitter Universe, especially the Nigerian Planet of that Universe.

Today, Twitter users are sharing #1000NigerianWaysToDie.
This will surely make your evening, especially if you grew up in a typical Nigerian home.

Mum: why are you not eating with your siblings?
Me: I don’t like beans…



 after your mum cooks efo riro and amala then you say you want rice and chicken stew



Mum: who are you talking to on that phone by this time of the night?



 wen ur gettin a strong beating from some1 and ur fwndz keep shouting Bruce lee Bruce lee



Dad: ask me a question my child
Me: your mates that are rich do they have two heads?



*Around 2 am*
Mum: why did you lock your room door??
Me: My girlfriend is around pic.twitter.com/gCu5sO6qna



Dad; you are always pressing ur fone
Me; gbeborun, is it ur fone?
Dad; oya close the door



Look at the floor/ceiling/wall when your mother is taking to you



Telling your mum you won’t go to school because you have headache 



Impregnate a military man’s teenage daughter. Please just go and buy your coffin jejeli. 



 if the ball should enter ur toros when u are playing kolo.😝



Daughter : mum I’m pregnant 
Mum: for whoDaughter: for the Barber opposite our shop 



Mom:is this how you will be acting in your husband’s house?Me:Did i tell you i want to get married?



You go out with your parents to their friends house and you ask for food. 



You’re the last born but you change the channel from NTA to Cartoon Network. 



*2 mins into lunch*
Mum: where is your meat? ?
Me: Ehm.. Ma…Mum:



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During midnight call when your mum seizes your phone & you have not cleard whatsapp messages




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