Graphic new video shows how Alton Sterling was fatally shot by white cops even though no weapon was in his hand

Graphic new footage shows how a 37-year-old black man Alton Sterling was thrown to the ground and shot by white cops (Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II) after they allegedly received a complaint about a man making threats while selling CDs outside a store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In the video, the cops are seen yelling at Sterling to get on the ground before he was then tackled. As he continues to move on the ground, one of the officers reaches for his gun and then points it at the father-of-five’s chest. Seconds later, the first shot is heard, followed quickly by another two.

Three more shots are heard and when the store owner turns his camera back to the scene, Alton Sterling is seen on the ground with blood seeping from his chest. One of the officers then leans over and grabs what appears to be a gun from his ‘pocket’.

Alton was not holding the gun at time he was shot and was definitely not a threat to the Police. They however quickly took CCTV footage from the store without the owner’s permission, but said they would hand it over to investigators. Thankfully, the store owner had a video he personally recorded. Watch it after the cut.

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