Freeze threatens to stop banking with Zenith Bank after a staff knelt before Gov Fayose

OAP, Freeze has threatened to stop banking with Zenith bank and also
sell his Zenith Bank shares after photos of a bank manager kneeling
before Governor Ayo Fayose surfaced online. On his IG page, he wrote

“If these are really Zenith bank workers I am utterly disappointed! What
rubbish!? Either side of the argument I see unethical banking
practices. Being accused of giving financial backing to a candidate in
an election is bad enough, then men with the alleged bank’s ID kneeling
before a governor?? This is the height of it.
Dear Zenith bank, you had better come up with a good
explanation for this garbage or I will be tempted to stop banking with
you and sell all the shares I have in your bank, as I will never own a
single share or have an account with a bank that funds political
campaigns! ~FRZ”.

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