Eva Alordiah shares the story behind her lovely outfit she made in 2 hours

Eva Alordiah is not just a rapper, she is a writer,makeup artist and now,designer..She narrated how she sewed this outfit in 2 hours or an interview today..She wrote

Today I woke up at 2AM and remembered I had nothing to wear for my Cool FM interview.But I had this stripe fabric.And I had a sewing machine by my bed.
So I cut up the fabric and began to sew this two-piece at 2:30AM. At 4AM I wasn’t done yet but I had to begin Makeup for the interview so I stopped where I stopped, carried my body and headed for the 3rd mainland traffic.

It is great to know I can take matters into my own hands and Make my own clothes.
Ladies! How much would you price my striped two-piece? Forget say na 2Hours I take sew am, judge it by the body rocking it Biko””

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