Check out what a desperate mother Elephant did after her calf got trapped in a well(Photos)

The dramatic moment villagers rescued a young elephant from a
construction well after its mother stood by her baby throughout the
The calf got trapped while a herd of
more than 60 elephants passed through a stretch of the Ramgarh district
in India. Throughout Wednesday night the mother relentlessly kept
trumpeting and tried to pull the calf out.
 As she kept trying and continued wailing the whole night, a herd of
eight tuskers remained on standby. And for the duration of the night the
villagers of Sutri also remained wide awake, praying the herd would
return to the nearby forest without causing any destruction.

As daylight broke people started gathering near the well, and the mother
elephant made a peaceful retreat and joined the herd waiting behind the

Moved by her plight, a few brave and kind-hearted people decided to help.

More photos below…

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