Breaking: 75 dead in France attack after truck driver shoots into crowd and plows them down

At least 75 people have  been killed and 100 injured in Nice, France a
few hours ago when a gun man driving a lorry started shooting into
the crowd of people celebrating the Bastille Day national holiday. An
eye witness said he got out of the truck and started shooting at people,
got back into the truck and plowed into the crowd killing several other

The lorry on Thursday night rammed into the crowd on the Promenade des
Anglais seaside walk in the centre of town. At least 100 were wounded in
the attack.

Another eyewitness said:


“I was enjoying the Bastille Day fireworks just like thousands of other
people at the promenade in Nice,” he said.

“I was just walking back after the fireworks had finished. I looked
towards the truck and I thought it was a bit odd, because the roads were
shut down and there were hundreds perhaps thousands of people walking

“But then from the direction of the truck, I started hearing screaming
and then people started running. And so I joined all those people in
running away from there.”

The driver drove for over 2km plowing into people in his way. Eyewitnesses said he drove 30 to 40 miles per hour into the crowd.

The driver was eventually killed by the Police squad. The truck was said to be loaded with arms and grenades.

The death toll was initially 73, but it has increased to 75 dead.

Story still developing…

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