Beyonce’s mum fires back after she’s accused of lying about why the star left the BET Awards early

 Beyonce’s mum came under fire after she claimed Beyonce left the BET
Awards early in order to meet up with her concert in London
yesterday.Turns out the concert is actually today Tuesday. So, many have
been mocking the BET saying Beyonce doesn’t even value their awards
enough to stay and receive them.They have also created several memes of
Beyonce’s mum.
She wrote

Hello guys I just got a wind of the mess that has festered since last
night ! The fact that I supposedly lied about my Daughters concert .
First of all I did make a mistake on the city and the day . I asked why
did she have to leave early and was told by a member of her staff that
“she had to get back in time for her concert ” and that she actually
should have been there 2 days before, as the tour has been down for a
month I assumed the date was Monday and the city was London well it
turned out to be in the Uk but wrong city and on Tuesday.

I want to point out that there is a nine hour time difference and it is
an eleven to 12 hour Flight that equates to 19 – 20 hrs to get there! I
then want to ask what would be the point of lying to the public and
knowing that anyone could see when the date was. Any one with good sence
could see that ! Secondly I am only answering to this ridiculous rumor
for the real fans not the obvious haters that I’m sure are fanning the
flames of this story. 

I am hurt and disappointed because I know what kind of work, sacrifice ,
and personal Money it took for her to do this show and support the Bet
Award show and to give her fans that did not get to attend the concert a
piece of her show. (Even though it means she has one day to rehearse
herself and dancers after being off for a month) That was really
important to to her. Although everyone told her this is going to take a
toll on your tour because you will only have one day to rehearse and you
and the dancers will have been off for a month. 

You will be exhausted because you get to the states on Thursday rehearse
for Bet fly to Mexico to be with your Sister for her Birthday on Friday
get back to La on Sunday and start rehearsals at Bet At 7 am . (Who
else would get three hours of sleep like that? ) Book a huge private
plane to carry your dancers and creative staff and choreographers road
Managers and pay for it out of your own pocket Because that is the only
way they will arrive in time. not to mention supplement the production
cost ( because you can imagine the cost of that production. ) the
costumes the staff . This is the reward for trying to do a good thing.

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