Serena William’s dad suffers stroke and has ‘memory issues’

As Serena Williams won the Wimbledon last week, it has been revealed
her dad, Richard Williams, who coached her and her sister Venus to the
top of their game, has had a stroke and has “debilitating memory
His third wife, Lakeisha Williams, 37, said he was released from hospital last week.

“His condition is fair – he’s up and walking around but he’s not at 100 per cent,” she said
“He needs speech therapy, psychological therapy and physical therapy
but for now he refused.His mind is thinking that they’re going to put
him back in ‘prison,’ which is what he calls the hospital.”

 Lakeisha, who marred Williams, 74, in 2010 and has a
three-year-old son, Dylan, with him, believes her husband does not
understand he has had a stroke.

“His mind is telling him that since he was once in charge of his
life, after what’s happened he’s not accepting it,” she explained.
“To him he’s a normal person – nothing happened to him.” “We have to
let nature take its course. I’ve been with him a long time so I know
what he’s trying to say.
“It’s like training yourself for your child – like a baby, you have to think for them.”

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