Photo: Huge ‘RIP Taylor Swift’ mural spotted on a laneway

A huge ‘RIP Taylor Swift’ mural has been painted in a laneway in Melbourne days after the singer’s public blow-up with Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West.

The painting features a portrait of the 26-year-old pop star along with the words: ‘In loving memory. Taylor Swift, 1989 -2016’.
Alongside the graffiti artwork, the artist also wrote: ‘No tags please, respect the dead’.

Although the painting clearly represents the singer, the cursive writing blended her last name
together, so it looks like ‘Taylor Smith’.

The artist, Lushsux, clarified to Daily Mail Australia that the blending of the letters was ‘an unintentional mistake’.

Lushsux posted the picture on Instagram on Wednesday morning with the caption: ‘The recent passing of @taylorswift is heart wrenching.

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