Toyin Lawani slams fans who cautioned her for sharing deaf and dumb staff’s rape story

Top fashion designer and celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani got cautioned on
her IG page yesterday by fans after she shared pictures and story about
one of her workers, Gladys, who was raped and abandoned by the husband.Toyin first introduced Gladys, who is deaf and mute, to the world in May when she shared how she rescued Gladys from the streets and turned her into an exceptional tailor. Only for her to get brutally raped by a security guard who is now in jail.

In her IG post, the CEO Tiannah Styling revealed Gladys has been having constant mood swings at work and she doesn’t know how to cheer her up. After sharing the story, Toyin Lawani added that she would like to find a good man for Gladys.

Her good intentions and genuine concern were however not well taken by fans who were
disappointed and appalled that she publicly shared the mother of four’s rape story. They cautioed Toyin, asked her to take down the post only for Toyin to fire back.

Do you see anything wrong with Toyin’s act?

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