Lindsay Lohan’s front door smashed open by police after she gets on her balcony, screaming that her fiance was trying to kill her

Lindsay Lohan, 30, woke up her entire street as she screamed that her
fiance, 22 year old Egor Tarabasov, was trying to kill her during an
argument at 5am on Saturday morning at her £3.2 million Knightsbridge
apartment. Police smashed her front door open, which showed signs of
damage, after calls for help was heard by neighbours as she ranted
at her fiancé.

In a video obtained by The Sun, which was recorded by a neighbour, Lohan screamed her name and address.

She then screams: ‘Please, please, please. He just strangled me. He almost killed me. Everybody will know. Get out of my house”.
“Somebody help me’. “I am done”

The fiancé could be seen trying to talk to her in the video but she kept
crying and looking over her balcony and said “NO, everybody saw you
touch me, get out, get out of my f*cking house”. You are trying to kill

“Do it. I dare you again. You’re f-cking crazy. You sick f-ck. You need
help. It’s my house, get out of my house.”. “I’m done. I don’t love you
anymore. You tried to kill me. You’re a f-cking psycho.”

She added:

“No Egor, you’ve been strangling me constantly. You can’t strangle a
woman constantly and beat the shit out of her and think it’s ok.
Everybody saw you touch me. It’s filmed. Get out! Get out.”

When the police arrived, they didn’t get any response, so they smashed in Lindsay’s door to make sure she was alright.

A neighbour said:

‘She woke us up with her screaming. I was really concerned. Loads of
police cars arrived and the whole road was awake looking out of

A Met spokesman said:

‘Police were called following a report of a woman in distress. no one
was inside but enquiries were made and the occupants were traced and
found to be safe and well.’ 

This incident occurred after Lindsay Lohan’s social media rants, where she accused Egor of cheating on her on Saturday.

Watch the video below..

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