Free the Nipple campaigner escorted from concert for baring her breasts(Photos)

A woman who flashed her breasts at an outdoor concert says she was distraught when she was escorted off the site.
the Nipple campaigner Carina Fitzpatrick claims she was making a stand
that women have as much right as a men to expose their breasts in
She said she was left “distraught” and feeling lonely after no one backed up her “peaceful protest.”
But police say they received a number of complaints after she whipped
off her top at Knockanstockan festival at the weekend, reports the Irish

She eventually took to Facebook to express her displeasure at being escorted off with no one trying to help her..

 Six Gardai sprang to action on Saturday at Knockanstockan to apprehend
me, a woman, standing in a field with my breasts uncovered. My supposed
indecency was a necessary stand that I was making in peaceful protest of
one of the many glaring double standards that are imposed upon women. I
am referring, of course, to the Free the Nipple Movement which argues
that women and men should be granted the same freedom, and protection,
under the law.

The movement aims to advance gender equality and to
oppose sexual objectification. I strode away, indignant and frustrated and incredibly
lonely. I felt like an outlander, and a fool. I had no one to help me,
no one to stand with me. I was distraught. Good fortune, and the spirit
of Knockanstockan, soon changed everything. I am accused of causing offense, but, guess what? I’m offended. I’m more
than offended, I’m furious. And I have the right to protest.

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