Jilted wife caused major security alert at Geneva airport after she made hoax bomb tipoff to stop husband from leaving

A major security alert that caused Geneva airport to step up armed
security on Wednesday was caused by a bomb hoax made by a woman who did
not want her husband to leave.
As Geneva police informed passengers of heightened checks on Wednesday
morning, officers carrying sub-machine guns were busy carrying out
urgent security operations around the airport in Switzerland’s second
largest city.

It has now emerged that police were acting on an
anonymous tip received by Swiss customs on Tuesday, which claimed that a
person carrying a bomb would enter the French sector of the airport

According to Swiss prosecutors, security authorities were able to trace
the call to a house in Annecy, approximately 41 kilometers south of
Geneva. Following a police raid at the French address, a woman admitted
to making the false threat to “prevent the departure of her husband.”

“Yesterday in the evening, a woman called Swiss customs at Geneva
airport. She said that today a person carrying a bomb would be in the
French sector of the airport,” the Geneva prosecutor’s office said in a
statement. They found the woman admitted to having made the call and
explained that she wanted thereby to prevent her husband from leaving,”
the statement said

Criminal proceedings against the unidentified woman have been opened by
both French and Swiss prosecutors. Police had warned earlier that there
would be an “indefinite period” of reinforced security.

During the scare, armed police could be seen manning entrances and
perimeters put in place to protect terminal. Authorities have since
released a statement saying the preventative controls would be gradually
lifted over the course of the day.

More photos from the scene…

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