Lynxxx reveals why he gave his life to Christ

It’s no news musician Lynxxx has had a total turn around and is now
born again..The star took to social media to dispel rumours he gave his
life to Christ following a near death experience..He says he just heard a
voice ..

I come
across people everyday that have some many questions, remarks and
comments about my New Life and Journey of Purpose and i love to hear and
see peoples reactions, opinions and the likes about making a change to
live a better / more fulfilling life (in Christ)..

I cant
count how many people have said “u must have had a near death
experience” lol errrr Nah! I was actually sitting on my couch perfectly
fine when i had an encounter with God and he revealed what my TRUE
purpose of existing is and i am sharing that with you all daily!

extinguishes darkness, so once i saw the light … It was a no brainer
to say good bye to my old life and old ways…. How far does “being ur
own lord and master get u?” Ill let u tell it

Theres greatness
in EVERYONE, u just have to sometimes Dig into ur soul and the word of
God to find yourself! He has the key to ur destiny in his palm and no
matter how u “Search” here “in the world”, u wld NEVER find it unless u
go to HIM! (Its a decision ull never regret)

When you
encounter God, u receive power , peace that no man can ever take from u
but ultimately u come alive in truth and in spirit… No amount of
success, money or fame could ever give me that

Get Plugged in and Come Alive! 🙏🏾

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