“The house is 1000% mine” Linda Ikeji discredits the tax evasion story


Yesterday, news broke that Linda Ikeji was slammed with a N75m fine for tax evasion and that she denied ownership of the house.
Well, Linda has taken to her instagram page to rubbish the reports reaffirming that the house is 1000% hers

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  1. Anonymous

    June 24, 2016 at 4:34 am

    Who cares if the house is hers or not? Definitely not me. I'm not jealous of her or her superficial vain life. I'm sure people appreciate her success but slit of people despises her in your face I'm too rich attitude most especially with her attitude over a common bag. She needs to be given an humble pie and her skin bleaching lousy sister doesn't help the situation too. She acts like she is God during the Wizz kid incident by saying that the poor guy should be quiet before she damages his career. Really??? Wonder when she becomes God to determines someone's destiny. With the way that she is going, I wonder how long before she turns people off after all there are better blogger that people might turn to die to her arrogancy attitude

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