Two transgender women running for US Congress could make history

Two transgender women, 30 year old Misty K. Snow (Democrat), a grocery
store clerk from Salt Lake City, Utah and 33 year old Misty Plowright
(Democrat) who is a military veteran and works in IT in Colorado won
their state primaries on Tuesday night and have been selected to run for
spots in the US Congress in November. This will be a first in
major-party American political history.
Misty K. Snow will run against Republican  favorite Sen. Mike Lee in
Utah this November, while Misty Plowright will challenge Rep. Doug
Lamborn in Colorado.

Snow beat her primary opponent, Jonathan Swinton, by almost 20% points,
criticizing him for supporting limitations on abortion rights, according
to a Salt Lake Tribune report.

“While I’m not running on the basis of being a trans woman, my
experiences as a trans woman have given me the empathy to understand the
struggles of groups that feel that the American Dream is out of reach,”
Snow said in her statement. “I’m running to give a voice to the

Plowright, on the other hand earned the Democratic nomination in
Colorado by winning more than 13,000 votes while her opponent earned
just over 9,600.

Both, if elected, would be the party’s first transgender women in U.S. Congress

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