Wendy Williams Loses Chevy Sponsorship over ‘offensive comments’


Wendy Williams has lost a lucrative Chevrolet sponsorship over the offensive comments she made about HBCUs and the NAACP earlier this week.

While discussing Jesse Williams’ BET Awards acceptance speech during her ‘Hot Topics’ segment, Wendy basically denounced the existence of the NAACP(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) She said

“On the other hand, I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college. We have historically black colleges. What if there was the National Organization for White People, only? There’s the NAACP,” said Wendy.

According to lovebscott.com that Wendy lost the show’s Chevrolet sponsorship as a result of her anti-HBCU and anti-NAACP comments.
In April of this year, The Wendy Williams show struck an all-inclusive deal with Chevrolet, Carat Media and ACE Media Corp. to include on-air promotion of the 2016 Chevy Malibu. The activation included custom digital content, social media marketing, and was set to continue for the rest of the year.
The site reported that Wendy has been “sobbing all week” over the loss, although she refuses to apologize.

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