Married women who watch porn are more likely to want divorce than men

Married women who start watching porn are more likely to want a divorce than men, a study claims.
Those in a happy marriage, newly married or from a non-religious home were also more likely to separate if they begin watching smutty films or images.

But church going couples or those in an unhappy marriage are more likely to stay together if one of them dabbles in X-rated material, it is claimed.

University of Oklahoma sociologists compared the porn use and martial status of thousands of adults and how this changed over time.
Assistant professor Dr Samuel Perry said:

“Our results suggest that viewing pornography, under certain social conditions, may have negative effects on marital stability.”

But porn had no effect on unhappier marriages

Prof Perry said: “We took this to mean that pornography use – perhaps if it’s discovered by one’s spouse unexpectedly – could rock an otherwise happy marriage to the point of divorce, but it doesn’t seem to make an unhappy marriage any worse than it already is.

The study also found the younger an adult was when he or she began watching pornography, the higher his or her probability of getting divorced by the next survey wave.

Daily Mirror

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