Joselyn Dumas reacts after someone said her natural hair style makes her look poor

Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas is the latest celebrity to go natural with her hair.However, the actress said she has gotten quite some opinions about it but one which shocked her was when someone said rocking her natural hair makes her look poor..She wrote

I’ve had all kinds of reactions and compliments( good and confusing ones) since I went for the big chop and decided to go natural for a while and see how versatile and creative I can be with both wigs and natural hair (switch up the looks when I like)…lol, my doctor saw me yesterday and she couldn’t make me out πŸ˜‚ and when she finally did, she walked up to me and said #welldone Joselyn this is so beautiful hope you don’t go back too soon to a perm or wigs πŸ˜‚can’t promise was my reply lol…Some say I look different, others said it’s taken a couple of years off, a friend said I no longer look #glam πŸ˜’ but the one comment that surprised me the most was “you look poor” 😳😳😳. What does that even mean?? My beautiful black hair makes me look poor?? 😳😳 It’s funny how we’ve been brainwashed to think as women of colour how inferior everything we have make or own is…including or beautiful black thick hair… What are your thoughts on the comment?? Good morning fam….

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