Wednesday, 13 December 2017

British Airways sacks three cabin crew over reckless drinking session in a Kenyan hotel

A report by The Sun says that three British Airways cabin crew lost their jobs following a stopover in Nairobi as guests at an upmarket hotel in the Kenyan capital were 'appalled' by the drunken staff who allegedly caused damage in the lobby.

Hotel management at the four-star Ole Sereni hotel complained to the airline about the trio, who were all subsequently fired.

Accoding to the report, 'many staff regard overnight stopovers as a party. This was one session that got out of hand.'

BA said: 'We will always take appropriate action if a staff member's behaviour falls below the exceptionally high standards of professionalism we expect. There are no reports of any damage to hotel property. We expect exceptionally high standards of professionalism from our highly trained crew, and we will always take the appropriate action if a member of staff's behaviour falls below that standard'.

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