Thursday, 9 November 2017

Bryan Okwara shares sexy photo to celebrate his birthday

Actor Bryan Okwara is a year older today.

The talented actor shared a sizzling shirtles photo of himself with a deep birthday message detailing what true happiness in life truly is.

He wrote:

As you get older you start to realise that true happiness is not in how much you make... or how big your house is... or how fancy your cars are.
But it's finding peace, joy and happiness in YOUR life... A life that will soon become the most important thing to you.
You are only better and more useful to the next person only when you make a conscious decision to become better and more useful to yourself.
At the end of the day....We are different individuals trying to do well by our people, our families and our loved ones.
I've not come this far to prove anything. I'm just running a race... my race. and I thank God for all that I am today

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