Monday, 4 September 2017

This throwback photo of Zamfara state governor, Abubakar Yari, has so much life lessons in it

Facebook user, Babangida Ruma, who shared the photo online, wrote;
"In the picture above, the man holding the microphone was at that time (1999) the Chairman of Gusau Local Government in Zamfara State and now Commissioner in Zamfara State. Standing on his left hand folding his hands then is now the Governor of Zamfara State who also appointed the then Chairman of Gusau Local Government as Commissioner now. 


God is an expert & specialist in turning nobody to be somebody and somebody to be nobody. This man who was nobody in 1999 became State Chairman of the Ruling Party, Member House of Representatives, and now serving second tenure as Governor of Zamfara State and also Chairman Governors Forum. He became all these within 17 years from the year of this picture. Therefore, keep your trust to Allah who is the Only One that can make you to be somebody but not a man like you. I also advise you to treat people with honour, dignity and respect because the person under you today may be your boss tomorrow".

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