Saturday, 16 September 2017

Still no bump- 8 months pregnant Sarah Stage flaunts trim tummy in work out video

8 months pregnant Model Sarah Stage ,who has continued to stun many with her flat baby bump,reveals why she is still working out .Sharing a workout video,she wrote
Next week I'll be #9monthspregnant, and getting more excited to meet baby!!
👶🏻 A lot of you are asking me how much longer I plan on working out this pregnancy and the truth is until I feel too tired/uncomfortable or when my doctor advises me to stop! Even though my workouts aren't as intense and aren't as frequent as before, I have noticed having more energy this pregnancy than last from exercising! I would never want to push my lifestyle on anyone, I'm only sharing what makes me feel great and if you ever want to try, I think you would love how you feel too 🤰🏻Sooooo here's to all the Prego women out there trying to do the best they can for their baby and themselves!!!

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