Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Services You Can Successfully Sell Online with Jiji: Top 5 ideas


Most of us are used to thinking about online marketplaces as such where you can sell and buy various goods. However, millions of online users are already selling their services as well. You can do it too - simply advertise your services on Jiji ( and wait for new customers to discover and fall in love with what you are offering!


Photography is a very popular hobby nowadays, and if you are truly good at it, you can turn it into a source of making extra money. First you need to create a portfolio. Then you can post an ad online, stating your services, prices, conditions, and adding several of your best photos to show potential customers what you’re capable of. Normally, you’ll be hired to shoot weddings, parties, babies, couples, and other objects of the kind.


It’s absolutely natural for men and women to look good, but finding fashionable and correctly fitting clothes often proves to be difficult. If you’ve always been enjoying sewing clothes for yourself, your friends and family members, you can do the same for your customers! Of course, in order to be a good tailor, you do not only need to have great sewing skills, but also follow the latest fashion trends and be able to tell what every customer truly wants.

Car repair

Everyone understands that a car should be in a good condition in order to be safe and enjoyable to drive, but most people can’t even change a tire on their own. However, large car services often have high prices and a long waiting line for the repairs. In case you enjoy fixing cars and are good at it, you can advertise your services online and have customers come to your garage, where you’ll bring their cars to order for a moderate price.


It’s safe to say that no major party, wedding, corporate event, or birthday happens without a giant cake or other baked goods. Some people prefer to make their own cakes, but most of party hosts have too much on their hands and can’t find the time to do baking. This is where your services can come in handy! Keep in mind that it pays more to be a versatile baker: if you can bake cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cakepops, and other baked treats equally well, soon you’ll have customers lining up for your services.


Now that more and more moms prefer to go back to work shortly after giving birth, the families that don’t have any stay-at-home relatives who can watch their kids have to hire babysitters. If you’re feeling comfortable around kids, can keep an eye on them and entertain them all day long, and are generally likeable to children, post an ad online and make money from babysitting!

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