Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Feels good sleeping without my phone - Mel B's mother talks about the troubled marriage of her daughter

Andrea Brown, 60, mother of former Spice Girls, Mel b, has made claims pointing to the singer's ex as the reason she and her daughter grew apart alleging Stephen made Mel cut ties from the family.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, she tweeted:
'Never had fall out with Melanie Stephen isolated her from ALL her family!'
'Feels great NOT having to sleep with my phone freedom after almost 10yrs worry DV [domestic violence] touches whole family!'
Mel, whose contract with America's Got Talent was recently renewed claimed her estranged husband Stephen abused her emotionally and physically.
She has also claimed he had an affair with the nanny Lorraine Gilles - both allegations that Stephen has staunchly denied.

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