Thursday, 24 August 2017

Good-looking male burn survivor shares his inspirational survival story on IG

U.S Fitness trainer, Mike who suffered 1st degree burns on his face, 2nd degree burns on his hands and still amazingly looks good, took to his Instagram page to share his inspirational survival story.  Read below:

''| So I've Never Put This Pic Up On IG, But As Of December 6, 2015, I Became A Burn Survivor. I Suffered 1st Degree Burns On My Face And 2nd Degree Burns On Both My Hands. The Wounded Pics Of My Hand Are A Little Too Graphic To Upload.
What Happened?! A Furnace Backfired At Me. Fire Shot Out Like A Flamethrower! But Luckily I Reacted Quickly And Was Rushed To The Hospital. This Was Major Down Point In My Life As It Was The First Time I've Ever Experienced Depression. We All Have Our Down Points In Life But What Matters Most Is How You Bounce Back. "Lucky" & "Blessed" Is How Everyone Described It. I Couldn't Agree More As The Outcome Could Have Been Much Much Worse. Till This Day I Continue To Smile No Matter What Obstacle Is Thrown In My Path!

See more photos below...

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