Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Women's March organizers in America plan general strike against Donald Trump

The organizers of last month's Women's March against President Donald Trump announced yesterday, February 6, their plans to hold a general strike against the Republican lead administration.

Posts on their social media accounts read: "General Strike: A Day Without A Woman," with a subhead saying, "Date To Be Announced."
If you recall, the Women's March began with a call for all women to march against the inauguration of President Donald Trump, who did not win the popular votes in last year's election. After millions showed up for the protest across the world, including a massive turnout in Washington, the organizers decided to build the pressure group into an effective movement.

The Women's March website lists a series of 10 actions to be pushed within the first 100 days of the Trump presidency, and these includes organizing peaceful protests, contacting elected representatives and a general strike. The general strike, if allowed to take place might disrupt the American economy which has been on a steady rise.

More details soon.

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