Thursday, 2 February 2017

Scott Disick's former manager slams him calls him talentless & lucky to be famous

Scott Disick's former manager has slammed the reality star, branding him "entitled".David Weintraub is a long-term friend of the reality star said on Allegedly Podcast
"He always felt like he was entitled, but like you've really got to have talent. When you're lucky to be famous, and you're lucky to make money, it's different.
"I brought him tons and tons of deals that he f****d up, f****d up my relationships with people because either he didn't perform, or he wanted too much money, or he was a d**k, or he did a deal and then f****d it off, and everybody has egg on their face.He actually thinks he's some big superstar who has talent and does stuff."
"When you get a lot of fame for not really doing anything, or you get a lot of money for not really doing anything, you have to remember how you got there. Don't change as a person."I love Scott to death, but fame and money changed who he is. He's got to remember who he is and where he comes from.""Where he comes from is me and Sean Stewart's couch."It's all good that you won, but recognise where you came from, cause you're still a couch surfer to me."

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