Friday, 3 February 2017

Pregnant Beyonce 'will still collect her $1m fee if she fails to perform at Coachella

Beyonce could easily make a million dollars without performing at Coachella ... TMZ has learned.
Bey has not told the folks who produce the festival whether she'll be able to headline during the April event and sources connected with the festival, along with several huge 2016 performers, say Beyonce was set to make north of $1 mil for her two-night performance.

If Beyonce's pregnancy makes performing in April too risky, she could still collect her fee under a very common insurance policy written for entertainers.
According to one such policy, obtained by TMZ, the insurance company will pay the fee of a sidelined singer for "incapacity" ... which lawyers say typically includes complications from a high-risk pregnancy.
Bey would need a rock solid doctor's note though.

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