Friday, 3 February 2017

"Before you blame Trump read this"

I still DO NOT understand why there's so much noise about Trump's decisbion to ban refugees from Muslim countries?? There are '100,000 empty fully air conditioned tents' in Mina- Saudi Arabia capable of housing 3 million people yet Saudi Arabia refuses to take the refugees, who speaks same language, same culture, same tradition, same religion, yet Saudi Arabia feels it's 'a security risks to accept the refugees' but wants the Christian world to do so? I'm trying to understand this thing called 'common sense', how it's been used. Is Saudi Arabia not too wicked for turning it's back against its own? Why blaming the US? Remember it is part of Trump's election promises, yet the Americans voted for him, meaning dats what they want.

Germany took over 1 million refugees and Saudi Arabia came up with a proposal of spending billions to build mosques in Germany to cater for the spiritual needs of the migrants, but won't accept them in Saudi Arabia!!!, what kind of ideology is this, and some Christians are debating these issues. Today, Germans are paying the price and defence budget had doubled because of these migrants. "Why cant these Muslims migrate to Muslim countries" and live in peace with their kind and practice sharia to the fullest without issues.
Why is Islam always in conflict with Christianity when there are too many other religions.
Christians are barred from entering Mecca, yet no issues!!!. Jews don't travel to Saudi Arabia, and some Arab countries yet no issues!!!.
In all fairness it's cheaper not to allow these guys in, than spending money monitoring them, because it's difficult to separate a genuine refugee and a terrorist!!!.
Muslims need to do internal in house cleansing and reorientation, on all subjects that makes good Muslims suffer because of the activities of those "extremists", by making sure that their Imams do not radicalise young people thru hateful preaching and intolerance.
All muslims around the world should come to Western Nigeria and learn the tolerance and civilised Islam, where a Yorubaman is peacefully, and happily living with his Christian wife. There are 1000 and 1million examples where some of the children goes to mosque with their father, while some goes to church with their mother, and to Crown it all, on ILEYA AND CHRISTMAS DAYS, the entire family celebrates together, it looks simple, but not easy because it requires high sense of understanding to co-habit in this form without issues.
"I want a world where religion unites the world instead of what's going on right now, irrespective of whichever religion anybody is practicing, instead these hates and prejudices are everywhere".

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