Thursday, 12 January 2017

'You Nigerians are a waste of oxygen and flesh '' - @MUFCLatestNews blasts Nigerian guy who approached him for a job

Guys, you all need to read this conversation between a Nigerian guy named David Ade @Dayveed_Ade and Manchester United news Twitter account @MUFCLatestNews which is being run by Paul Bienkowski, @paulbienkowski.

Before you start, please brace yourselves because you will be very offended by the time you are done reading this!

What happened was David Ade had approached @MUFCLatestNews for a job after he saw an advert the account published. They needed writers for their Manchester United news account.

David had some issues he pointed to @paulbienkowski only for Paul to blast him and say Nigerians are a waste of oxygen and flesh. Scum country, moron!

You can start reading now.

After David made public their conversation, Paul Bienkowski, the man behind the @MUFCLatestNews Twitter account came to apologise to him.

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