Thursday, 12 January 2017

OMG! Just look at how a mother cruelly pranked her baby wth the #Deadpose (WATCH)

I watched this video and couldn't believe it!

You all already know some #deadpose challenge has swept through South Africa. Well, a mother has sparked outrage after she took hers to the extreme by posing like she was dead and letting her toddler son scream over what he sincerely believed was her lifeless body.

In the video, the distraught little boy sobs and claws at his mum's 'corpse', not realising that the whole thing is a prank. Not realizing that his full grown mum was just taking part in the 'dead pose' craze.

Experts are now warning that the craze has gone too far. Press play to watch the video below.

Viewers poured fury on the video after it hit the net, with many calling the woman "ruthless" and not deserving to be a mother. It is unclear where exactly the video was shot and the names of the mother
and the toddler were not revealed.

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