Thursday, 19 January 2017

Full gist about lady Yinka who sent friend's dad her nude photos

Twitter Nigeria was heated up late last night when user Alvin Ime shared photos of a lady identified as Yinka that was sleeping with her friend's dad. Read up here if you missed it.

More details about Yinka's relationship with her friend's dad have emerged courtesy insiders who talked to Subdeliveryman. Turns out she isn't even the only one dating this older man. Another friend of theirs, identified as Olaitan, has been exposed along with the flirty messages she shared with her friend's dad on Whatsapp.

Story continues below with Whatsapp conversations between Yinka and her friend's father..

After Yinka found out her friend Miss A now knows about her relationship with her father, she tweeted this:

Another friend sleeping with Miss A's father revealed:

Miss A's second friend's chat with Miss A's dad

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